DL 180 Eco-Pack Blower Package (621 CFM)

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Pump: DL180
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The Eco-Pack is a series of high volume tri lobe blower packages compact in design with the operator in mind. Unlike a rotary vane pump the Eco-Pack doesn’t require costly oil consumption or oil catch muffler to operate (less maintenance, eco-friendly unit).  The internal lobe cavity design of the Eco-Pack is 100 percent oil-free air.  This being a positive displacement pump it is most effective with high volumes of vacuum and pressure when needed. Keeping in mind moving more tank loads per day is essential.  The stainless steel filter, aluminum secondary, intake/exhaust silencers, pressure relief and vacuum/pressure changeover valve are all located conveniently for easy accessibility.  The unit is bolted on the truck frame of the truck and is powered from the truck power take off.  Our blower packages are designed to meet variable demand in a dynamic work environment.

DL 180 Eco Pack blower package includes:

  • Jurop DL 180 Blower with Positive Displacement Synchronized Tri Lobe Design
  • Designed for High Performance Vacuum/Pressure Liquid Waste Tanks
  • Oil Less Pump Lobe Cavity Design (Eco Friendly)
  • 4 Point Air Injection Cooling For Continuous Pumping
  • Vacuum/Pressure Changeover Valve*
  • Aluminum Secondary Shutoff with 2 Easy Access Inspection Covers
  • 2" Pressure relief
  • Aluminum Final Filter with Mesh Stainless Steel Cartridge
  • Overheating Alarm System
  • 1:1 Aluminum Heavy Duty 3 Shaft Gearbox and Shaft Protection Coupler
  • Exhaust and Air Injection Silencers
  • Heavy Duty Pump Blower Stand
  • Isolation Rubber Shock Pump Mount Pads
    *Optional Pneumatic Changeover Valve Available
DL180 Eco-Pack Specifications
Power Source                                         Truck PTO Drive
RPM Range                                             1000 RPM (Max 1100 rpm)
Max.  Continuous Vacuum                     25"hg
CFM at Free Air                                       621 CFM
HP at 25"hg Vacuum                              35 HP
HP at 21 PSI                                             28 HP
HP at 30 PSI                                            46 HP
Max. Operating Pressure                        30 PSI 
Port Size                                                   4" OD.
Approximate weight                                995 lbs.
Dimensions:                                              L 49" x W 53" x H 38"

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