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Frac Union Complete
Chandler Equipment Inc. Frac Union Complete
Sale price$108.00 Regular price$279.94
Save $1,770.00
CT180 Vacuum Pump Blower
Chandler Equipment Inc. CT180 Vacuum Pump Blower
Sale price$3,420.00 Regular price$5,190.00
Save $11.84
Brass Gate Valve - 2"
Chandler Equipment Inc. Brass Gate Valve - 2"
Sale price$18.50 Regular price$30.34
Save $17.06
Brass Ball Valve - 2"
Chandler Equipment Inc. Brass Ball Valve - 2"
Sale price$28.20 Regular price$45.26
Save $23.00
Butterfly Valve - 4" - Wafer No Lug
Save $700.00
DDC300SS - Dixon 316 Stainless Steel MannTek Dry disconnect

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We have over 40 years of experience producing industrial-strength products for heavy-duty jobs including the transportation, energy, liquid waste and agriculture industries.

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