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Standard Wing Nut Assembly - 5/8" Eye Bolt


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Standard Wing Nut Assembly - 5/8" Eye Bolt, 5-1/2" Long, Non-Code

  • Includes wing nut, clevis and cotter pins, eye bolt and washer
  • 5-1/2" long eye bolt
  • 5/8" eye
  • Non-Code

This wing nut assembly is a replacement part which is commonly found on vacuum trucks, manways, primary shutoffs, secondary shutoffs, vacuum trailers, frac tanks, storage tanks, and pressure vessels.

Each assembly includes the a wing nut, clevis pin, cotter pin, eye bolt, and washer.

This wing nut assembly is non code and cannot be used on tanks that store or haul corrosives, explosives or combustible materials.

We also carry a Greasable Wing Nut Assembly

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